Share Certificates

Reap returns on your investment with no risk. That's right, none. Share Certificates are federally insured, so you won't lose money, much less sleep. Meanwhile, your bottom line increases at greater rates than regular savings accounts.

Pelican State Credit Union makes it easy for everyone to take advantage of great fixed rates, with only a $500 minimum to open. We also offer jumbo certificates if you're looking to bring home big dividends.

  • Greater rates than savings accounts
  • Fixed rates guaranteed for length of term
  • Wide range of terms available
  • Penalty on earnings for early withdrawal
  • Safeguard future funds with partial withdrawal or closure fees prior to maturity
  • Dividends posted monthly
  • $500 minimum deposit to open
  • Jumbo Share Certificates available; higher rates on deposits $10,000 or greater
  • Retains federal insurance up to $250,000

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