Managing your finances isn't exactly fun and games…unless you live on MoneyIsland. Welcome to our make-believe world, where we make sense out of money. And, children earn real-world rewards, while learning to take ownership of their financial wellbeing.

Add quests to Atlantis and Acropolis alongside that little allowance. And, give your kids an exciting, educational way to save. MoneyIsland helps budding gurus achieve full financial literacy long before they foot their first bill.

  • Designed for ages 8 to 14
  • FREE, multi-level online game
  • Teaches valuable financial skills
  • Players earn real goodies
  • Records each child's progress
  • Teachers can use in classrooms, complete with lesson plans
  • Meets national standards for financial literacy
  • Developed by an award-winning teacher with students in mind
  • Plus, parents can play along too!
How It Works

Play the Game

Not only do kids earn real-life rewards, they learn real-life lessons. But most importantly, MoneyIsland is fun — so talk about budgeting isn't just plain boring.

Meet a cast of engaging characters, ready to guide your child through potential pit falls on a path to financial literacy. Earn, spend, and invest safely in the virtual world, while accruing the skills and savvy to make money make sense when the game ends.

Watch as "Tommy took my toy," turns to "Why do taxes take my money?" as kids, even entire classrooms, mature faster than your savings bonds.

Earn Real Rewards

Win rewards you can actually use, not for stars, rings, or +1ups. Pelican State Credit Union provides prizes that exist right here in Louisiana. So when you stop by to collect winnings, you take home something tangible.

MoneyIsland financial gurus get:

  • A cool MoneyIsland T-shirt
  • An official spot in the Pelican State CU Hall of Fame
  • Entry into a FREE iPad drawing

And when an entire class completes MoneyIsland, everyone wins:

  • A group pizza party
  • An article and photo in the Pelican State CU newsletter
  • A shout out from Pelican State CU on Facebook
  • Plus, a press release sent out to local media

Finish MoneyIsland and print off an electronic reward certificate. Then, simply present your certificate to a local Pelican State CU branch to redeem rewards.

Keep Progress in a Passport

A MoneyIsland passport helps you participate in your young one's adventure. Kids collect colorful stickers — awarded by teachers and parents — as passport stamps to mark their progress. Each stamp reinforces a lesson learned along the way, so kids can literally take the MoneyIsland experience with them after sign-off — plus, show off accomplishments to friends!


It's never too early to learn solid banking and budgeting habits, on top of financial fundamentals for all ages. Developed for children 8 to 14, the lessons learned in MoneyIsland hold true for players and parents alike.

The MoneyIsland curriculum corresponds with national standards published by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. Skills center around three key subject areas: Managing Money, Saving & Investing, and Using Credit Wisely.

Each lesson is presented one exotic quest after the other:

  • Eiffel Tower — Spend, Grow, and Give
  • Great Wall of China — Want & Needs and Taxes
  • Sphinx — Types of Income
  • Atlantis — Using Credit Wisely
  • Big Ben — Understanding Interest
  • Acropolis — Building Wealth

Plus, new games, videos and contests are continuously added to our website. Sign up for MoneyIsland today. All you need is an access code to start your child's adventure!