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PelicanMobile App Updates

We are constantly improving and upgrading PelicanMobile! Check out these exciting new app features and updates:



Apply for a Loan
September 2018

One of our most-requested app features is here! Now you can easily apply for a loan or a credit card while you're on-the-go inside the PelicanMobile app!

Simply sign in, open the menu and tap "Loan Application" to get started.

Members can use the app to apply for:

Sign in and apply using PelicanMobile today!

Transfer Balances from Non-Pelican State CU Credit Cards!
July 2018

You can now transfer credit card balances to your Pelican Visa Credit Card in PelicanMobile, our online banking app! Simply take a photo of your credit card statement or enter the information manually.

Click the menu in PelicanMobile and select Balance Transfer to get started! Learn About Balance Transfers >

Mobile Deposit Endorsement Requirement
July 2018

As of July 1, 2018, new federal regulations require that all checks deposited using PelicanMobile's remote deposit feature be endorsed with, "For Mobile Deposit Only @ Pelican State Credit Union." This sentence should appear under your signature. Using this endorsement ensures that your check won't be rejected due to these new regulations, which protects members from accidentally depositing the same check more than once.

Here's an example of a properly endorsed check for mobile deposit:

To ensure that all of our members using remote deposit endorse their checks correctly, we've added reminders in PelicanMobile. However, if you still need assistance, we are here to help! 

If you have any questions, please contact us online or call 1-800-351-4877.