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Say goodbye to checks and hello to the easier way to shop — make purchases anywhere and everywhere with the power of a Visa® debit card!

Stop fumbling for bills and coins, nickel and diming your way through empty pockets. Your Visa® debit card condenses your purchasing power into one convenient plastic card, linked directly to your checking account. Swipe at will, whether withdrawing funds at the ATM or making purchases at the counter. And cost is no concern — your Visa debit card is free with any new Pelican State CU account!

  • FREE with any new Pelican State CU account
  • Linked directly to your checking or savings account
  • Use at the ATM or the register, accepted worldwide
  • Zero liability on unauthorized transactions
  • Funds deducted immediately
  • No finance charges or late fees
  • Easier than writing a check
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Access to Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay