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Visa® EMV Chip Cards

Pelican has issued all EMV debit and credit chip cards! All Pelican Visa card holders should now have an updated card that includes a microchip for added member security.

Pelican Visa® Chip Card Updates:

  • Most cards will have a new number and information! If your card number changes, don’t forget to update your information with billers that charge your card regularly.
  • Your card will have a microchip for added security!
  • The numbers and information on your new card will be printed flat instead of raised/embossed like they were in the past.


  • Receive enhanced fraud protection with chip technology
  • Easy to use
  • Enjoy global acceptance

Chip card transactions offer you advanced security for in-store payments by making every transaction unique. Also, your chip card is more difficult to counterfeit or copy. If the card data and the one-time code are stolen, the information cannot be used to create counterfeit cards and commit fraud. Every day, more merchants are becoming chip-enabled to increase security for in-store card transactions, so you may or have already started to see these terminals at many of the places you shop today. Chip cards have a microchip as well as the standard magnetic strip, allowing you to pay at both chip-enabled and non-chip-enabled merchants with the same card.

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 31, 2017: Pelican Debit and Credit Cards Without an EMV Chip Will Not Work

  • If the debit and/or credit card you are currently using does not have a chip on it, your purchases will be declined starting January 31, 2017. If your current debit and/or credit card has a chip, this change will not affect you.
  • If you received your debit and/or credit card with chip and have not activated it, please activate it by calling 1-800-411-6390 or visiting
  • If your current debit and/or credit card does not have the chip like the card pictured, call Pelican at 1-800-351-4877 to request a new card. PLEASE DO NOT DELAY; this is a permanent change and no quick fixes will be available.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are EMV chip cards over your traditional credit and debit cards? Find out on our blog.

Click here to deactivate (mark as lost) your old Pelican Debit Card.

General Chip Card Frequently Asked Questions