Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy life because of poor credit. Get back on the path to financial success with the help of our Credit Counselors!

Pelican has five full-time Nationally Certified Credit Counselors to help members meet their financial goals. Through free credit counseling sessions, our Financial Outreach Team educates individuals on their finances, empowers them to make financially sound decisions and in some cases, consolidate their debt or improve their credit.

Learn debt management skills and get started on the road to financial success by scheduling your free session today!

Free Credit Check Up

Because of the rise in fraud and identity theft, it is important that you check your credit report at least twice a year. Members can obtain a FREE copy of their credit report by scheduling a free consultation with a Pelican Credit Counselor or attending a Financial Literacy Workshop. Our staff will go over every detail of your credit report and arm you with information that could help you improve your score.*

Free Budget Analysis

Managing your finances can become overwhelming. Our Credit Counselors can analyze your individual situation and develop a budget and savings plan to help you reach your goals.

Meet our five Nationally Certified Credit Counselors!


  • FREE Credit Counseling Service for Pelican Members
  • 5 Full-Time Credit Counselors on Staff
  • Award-Winning Financial Education Program
  • Nationally Certified Financial Outreach Department
  • Nationally Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI)

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Are you serious about improving your credit? Sign-up for our long-term Credit Management Program and make a commitment to getting your finances back on track. One of Pelican's Nationally Certified Credit Counselors will work with you to set attainable financial goals — plus, give you the guidance you need to meet milestones along the way.

Learn how to:

  • Save Money
  • Build Credit History
  • Access Low-Cost Credit Sources
  • Invest in Your Future

All on a personally customized credit management schedule.

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Member Testimonials

"I am very appreciative of my credit counselor for helping me get my credit where it needs to be. I have done everything she has recommended, and I am now ready to purchase a home. I'm very excited about purchasing my first home and thankful that she has helped me get this far. Thank you for helping me secure a future for myself!"

– Anthony, Lake Charles

"I have learned so much about credit and purchasing a home that my motto is 'attain and maintain'. I started with a credit score of 497 and now have 667. My experience with Pelican's Credit Counselors gave me the desire and motivation to get this accomplished, and I became a homeowner in 2010! I have been a member of Pelican since 1988 and have enjoyed every moment."

– Jacqueline, Baton Rouge