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Save money by transferring balances from other creditors to your Pelican State CU Visa Credit Card!

  • Enjoy no balance transfer fees
  • Improve your rate
  • Consolidate debt and reduce payments


Multiple Ways to Transfer:

• Use Our Mobile App! (Credit card balance transfers only)
You can now transfer balances from other credit cards to your Pelican Visa Credit Card in PelicanMobile, our online banking app! Simply take a photo of your credit card statement or enter the information manually. (To transfer any non-credit card balances, use one of the other options below!)

New to PelicanMobile? Download the app now

• Speak With a Pelican Representative

Visit a Pelican location near you or speak to a Pelican Representative to discuss transferring your balances! 

• Complete Our Online Form
Enter your account and creditor information into our online form!

Notes on Balance Transfers:

  • Upon approval of your request, it may take up to 3 weeks for your creditors to post a balance transfer. To prevent any delinquencies, you should continue to carefully monitor your creditor statements and make all necessary payments until the transfer is complete.
  • Requesting a complete balance transfer is no guarantee that interest or other charges will not accrue on your other accounts. Please pay close attention to all account balances, especially if you expect them to be zeroed.
  • If by transferring the balance to Pelican State CU you wish to close the other card, contact the number on the back of the card and request the account closed. Please note that closing a line of credit can potentially impact your credit score. If you have questions, one of our Nationally Certified Credit Counselors can help!
  • Balance transfers will show up on your other statements as a payment and on your Pelican State CU credit card statement as a loan add-on or disbursement.

*Pelican reserves the right to decline any balance transfer request including duplicate balance transfer requests. Balance transfers are subject to your existing credit limit. No single balance can be greater than $20,000. Balance transfers cannot be used to pay any loan, line-of-credit or credit card account presently maintained by Pelican State CU. Balance transfers are not eligible to earn reward points. Verification may be required.