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Pelican Membership is Y’all Inclusive!

Tell a friend or family member how much you love Pelican, and you could win cash and prizes!

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Y’all Inclusive (adj.) [ yawl in-kloo-siv ]
Including everything, comprehensive, with a little bit of southern hospitality to boot.

In a Sentence: Pelican membership includes everything you need—it’s as Y’all Inclusive as a good pot of gumbo!”



Y'all Inclusive desktop instructions


Y'all Inclusive cash and prizes




When you join the Pelican family, you’re doing so much more than opening an account—you’re entering into a one-of-a-kind, Y’all Inclusive financial experience that provides everything you need to succeed. 2




There are over 750,000 people eligible for Pelican membership in Louisiana—and you could be one of them. 4

Meet one of the following criteria and you're eligible for our Y’all Inclusive membership experience:


You work for or are retired from one of our partners. There are hundreds across the state! Here are just a few:


You are a Pelican State CU employee.


You reside in Rapides, St. Landry, or St. Tammany Parish.


You are a member of one of the associations partnered with Pelican. 4


Your immediate family member is eligible for Pelican State CU membership based on the 4 methods above.

Worried you don't match any of the above?

Talk with us and we can check on your eligibility for you! You can chat live with a representative here on the site, text 1-844-916-1956, or complete this form .




1Pelican State CU membership is required to enter. If you are not a Pelican member, you must be eligible to open a primary savings account with Pelican to become one. The deposit to open a primary savings account starts at a minimum of $10 ($5 to join + $5 minimum balance). To enter, member must visit the landing page at and complete the form to sign up for Pelican’s referral program. Information entered into the form (e.g. first and last name, last 4 digits of member number, phone number, etc.) must sufficiently match the member account so that the membership can be properly verified. After signing up, members will be given a link to share with their friends and family. Each person that submits their contact information using the member’s link will equal one entry for the member to win a Pelican Prize Pack consisting of promotional goodies. The referred contact cannot be an existing Pelican member at the time of form completion. Pelican will email all referred contacts with a link to join Pelican. If the referred contact signs up for membership, the member will also be entered to win a monthly prize of $250. Duplicate submissions will not count. Winners will be notified at the beginning of each month via phone and/or email address on their member account. Prize money will be disbursed directly to the member’s Pelican checking account. If the member does not have a checking account, funds will be disbursed to member’s primary share or savings account instead. If the Pelican checking or savings account has a negative balance, the funds will be used to offset the negative balance. If negative account balance exceeds prize money, member may be required to deposit any additional funds necessary to bring the account to good standing before the prize will be deposited. Entry period for each month begins on the first day of the month at 12:01 am and ends on the last day of the month at 11:59 pm. All non-winning entries will roll over into each consecutive month remaining in the year until the contest ends on December 31, 2021, at 11:59 pm. Pelican reserves the right to disqualify entries for any reason, or place a limit to the number of referrals a member can make during the entry period. Pelican State CU employees, board members, and members of their household are not eligible to be entered.

2Pelican State CU membership is required to take advantage of membership benefits. If you are not a Pelican member, you must be eligible to open a primary savings account with Pelican to become one. The deposit to open a primary savings account starts at a minimum of $10 ($5 to join + $5 minimum balance).

3Membership eligibility is an estimate only.

4You must live in Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, or Mississippi to qualify for association membership.