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Lost or stolen Pelican Visa® credit or debit card? Call 1-800-682-6075 or visit

Blocking Your Card in [email protected]:

Members can also view open debit and credit cards and block those cards through their [email protected] Online Banking account! Once you are logged into [email protected], click the Settings tab and select the ATM/Debit Card sub-tab. You will be able to review the last four digits of the card number, cardholder's name, card description and current status of the card. If you need to block your Pelican credit or debit card, simply check the Block box next to the appropriate card and click Submit.

Once you block a card in [email protected], you will NOT be allowed to re-open the card through [email protected] If you have any questions about this process, please call 1-800-351-4877.

Helpful Tips for Using Your Pelican Plastic Cards:

  • Never carry your PIN with you or write it on your card. Remember it and keep a record of it in a safe place instead.
  • Treat your Pelican ATM or debit card just like your credit cards, checks, or cash... keep it secure and protect it.
  • Compare your card receipts with your statements. Report any unauthorized transactions to Pelican State Credit Union immediately.
  • Read the disclosure statement (Understanding Your Account). It constitutes the agreement between you and Pelican State Credit Union regarding usage, fees, terms and conditions of your Pelican plastic cards.