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Make the switch to Pelican State CU and enjoy the perks of banking with a credit union that cares — just 5 simple steps to transition!

1. Open a Checking Account with Pelican State CU

You can do this at any Pelican location or online.

2. Stop Using Your Old Account

Destroy any unused checks, deposit slips, ATM/Debit Cards. Let all of your outstanding checks clear. We recommend that you keep this account open for at least 30 days after switching to Pelican to avoid accidentally bouncing any items (such as an outstanding check, automatic draft, debit card transaction, etc.).

3. Change Direct Deposits

If your paycheck is being automatically deposited (direct deposit) into another checking account, complete the Direct Deposit Form within the Switch Kit below and give it to your HR or Payroll Department.* If you are receiving deposits from the Social Security Administration or a retirement plan, contact those institutions.


4. Change Automatic Payments

Consult the Automatic Payment/Deposit Checklist within this Switch Kit to determine which companies you need to notify that you have switched your checking account to Pelican. After notification, these companies should establish automatic payments from your new checking account. A member service representative will be happy to assist you redirect your automatic payments and direct deposits to your new Pelican checking account.

5. Close Your Old Checking Account

After all outstanding charges have cleared, close your old checking account. Other financial institutions may require you to do this in person. Be sure to get a check for any money left over in that account and deposit it into your new checking account with Pelican.

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