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Make your travel dreams come true with an account specifically to help you save for an upcoming vacation — withdraw funds whenever you need them!

A Vacation Share account is your ticket to paradise — without sacrificing the funds you need to make ends meet. Put away what you can. So you can get away when you can. Consider big dividends a "bon voyage" bonus, with payouts starting on your first penny. And there's no minimum balance to open.


  • Dividend rates far above national average
  • Earn dividends on entire balance*
  • No monthly service fee
  • Save for vacation separately from your regular savings
  • Set up automatic transfers to help save
  • Three free withdrawals per month; $5 each thereafter
  • No timed disbursement — use funds for vacation whenever you want
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No minimum deposit to open

Check out our current rates to learn more!

*Dividends are forfeited if account is closed prior to payment.