Get affordable financing for what you need without the hassle.1

Personal Loans
Our personal loans are just that, personal. These unsecured loans can be used for vacations, school expenses, extra cash, emergencies or anything you need.

  • Low, variable rates based on credit worthiness
  • Local decision-making
  • No collateral necessary
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Personalized service at every step
  • Use for tax payment, holiday expenses, back to school, bill consolidation, and more

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Debt Consolidation Loans

Give yourself a break from constant financial woes—an affordable debt consolidation loan from Pelican can put you on the path to being debt-free.

  • Save money by combining multiple loans into one payment
  • Simplify your monthly budget with just one payment to make every month
  • Loan amounts tailored to your personal situation
  • Lower rate helps pay off debts sooner
  • Streamlined process
  • One local relationship for easier debt management

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Share Pledge Loans
Use your savings account to secure a loan with Pelican. Share Pledge Loans can establish or repair credit, helping you hit your financial goals.3 View the complete list of benefits for Share Pledge Loans. 

Personal Line of Credit
This loan type gives you access to a revolving line of credit. Get started with a simple signature! Limits range from $1,000 all the way up to $10,000. View the complete list of benefits for a line of credit.

Get started with just your signature.

Personal loans are also known as "Signature Loans," because loans are secured by a member's signature. Unlike a home or auto loan, there's no collateral at stake when you secure a personal loan.

Use your Signature Loan to make headway on major payments, with no maximum loan amount. Just sign the dotted line and get the funds you need to facilitate life's next logical step.

How much could you save with a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Monthly Payments Before Consolidation Loan Monthly Payment After Consolidation Loan4

Credit Card

Department Store Credit Card

Finance Company

Total Due





Pelican State CU Loan Payment


Total Savings of $134.37 per month!

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  • Our lowest loan rates
  • No application fee
  • Fast and easy to get approved
  • Use your own Pelican State CU deposits as collateral
  • Get access to funds without depleting savings
  • Keep earning dividends on your accounts
  • Helps to establish or repair credit2
  • Low, variable rates based on credit worthiness
  • No collateral needed
  • Use funds as needed
  • Only pay interest on portion you use
  • Re-access without re-applying
  • Wide variety of loan limits from $1,000 to $10,000
Term Rates as low as APR as low as* Sample amount Est. monthly payment (max term)
0-6 months 9.99% 15.37% $1,000 $171.47
7-12 months 10.25% 11.21% $3,000 $264.00
13-24 months 11.49% 11.79% $5,000 $234.12
25-60 months 12.49% 12.53% $15,000 $337.32
61-72 months 14.49% 14.52% $20,000 $417.30

Curious about when it makes sense to get a debt consolidation loan? Find out on this episode of #AskPelican:

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Over 750,000 Louisiana residents qualify for membership.

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You are a Pelican State CU employee.
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1Pelican State CU membership required to close a loan with Pelican. If you are not a Pelican member, you must be eligible to open a Primary Share account with Pelican to become one. The deposit to open a Primary Share account starts at a minimum of $10 ($5 to join + $5 minimum balance). Credit approval is based on certain credit criteria and credit worthiness. Not everyone will qualify. Applicant will be charged $5 for any loan application that is denied, withdrawn, or expired. Restrictions apply. See a Pelican representative for details.

2Based on all approved unsecured loan applications received between June 1, 2021, and November 9, 2021. 66.11% of members either received their funds on the date of application (22.09%), 1 day after the date of application (25.65%), or 2 days after the date of application (18.37%).

3There is no guarantee that your credit score will improve with secured lines of credit.

4Scenario listed above is just an example, and savings/rate/amount and term will vary for each member and savings are not guaranteed. The payment examples listed above were calculated as follows: 2% of Credit Card balance of $6,500; 2% Department Store Credit Card balance of $4,009.54; Finance company has a rate of 36% APR, a term of 18 months, and a balance of $3,163.31. The consolidated payment of $305.82 was calculated with a rate of 12.24%, a term of 60 months, and balance of $13,672.85, resulting in 12.29% APR. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Not everyone will qualify for the advertised APR. Estimated payment may vary if credit protection products are added to loan.