Get paid early with Early Bird Direct Deposit!

Pelican is proud to offer all of our checking and savings accountholders the ability to receive their direct deposits up to one business day early. What's even better than receiving your money early? There's nothing for you to do to enroll in this FREE benefit.
This is a FREE benefit for Pelican members with checking or savings accounts. Early Bird Direct Deposit allows any Pelican member who receives a direct deposit to access their funds up to one business day early! 

This service is applicable for certain ACH transactions, such as payroll, tax refunds, government benefits, military pay, and pensions. We rely on the transaction coding from the payer to determine if the transaction is eligible for Early Bird Direct Deposit. 
Nope! This is just another way that Pelican Pays when you have your checking and savings account with us. Just make sure your account and routing number are correct with your employer or other payroll provider. As a reminder, you can easily find this information in MyPelican!
Members cannot opt out of Early Bird Direct Deposit.

You can enroll in direct deposit through your payroll provider's payroll system or by using our Direct Deposit Enrollment Form.

If your payroll provider prefers to use their own system, you can easily find your account number and routing number by logging into MyPelican and selecting the checking or savings account you’d like to use for your direct deposit.

You may also enroll by using our Direct Deposit Enrollment Form. Forms are available upon request. 

The timing of when these deposits will be credited to your checking or savings account is based on when your payroll provider submits the information to us. This means that when these transactions are credited could vary and you may or may not receive your funds early. 
If you don't see your direct deposit early, it may be because your employer or payroll provider has incorrect information or the deposit was not received by Pelican before the effective date. Make sure to check that your employer or payroll provider has your correct direct deposit information or check with them to ensure they have sent over your deposit information to us. 
Download MyPelican! You can sign up for notifications for transactions of any amount and get a push alert on your device once your deposit hits!
Yes! Pelican Teen Checking accountholders that receive direct deposits are also eligible for Early Bird Direct Deposit! There is still nothing required from you to take advantage of this benefit—if you have a direct deposit set up to your checking or savings account, you're automatically enrolled to get paid up to one business day early.
No, your loan payment date will not change. If you'd like to inquire about changing the due date for your loan payment, you can message us in MyPelican for additional assistance.

Ready to set up a direct deposit and get paid early? 

*Early Bird Direct Deposit is available for Pelican members with checking or savings accounts that set up direct deposit with their employer or other payroll provider to receive electronic deposits. Pelican will post ACH deposits once received from the Federal Reserve, which can be before the actual effective date. Early posting of deposits is not guaranteed and is dependent on the deposit being received before the effective date. Restrictions and limitations may apply.