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Congratulations to our 2021 Team Pelican scholarship winners! Learn more about them in our video below.

Scholarship award entries for next year will be accepted starting January 1, 2022. Our Team Pelican Scholarship Award Program has awarded over $99,000 in 13 years to high school graduates across Louisiana.

How will awards be distributed?
A volunteer committee made up of Pelican employees scores the scholarship applications based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, leadership and community service. Each scholarship award will be in the amount of $1,000:

Community Awards (13): One scholarship will be awarded per community that Pelican serves. If you don't attend school in one of these 13 communities, don't worry! You will be grouped with the nearest community based on your school's address.

Out-of-State Award (1): One scholarship will be awarded to a student living outside of Louisiana, if applicable.

Internal Award (1): One scholarship will be awarded to the immediate family member of a Pelican employee. All internal applicants will be grouped together and not eligible for a parish award or any additional award.

Heart for Service Award (1): Having a "Heart for Service" is at the core of everything we do at Pelican! This special award will be granted to a student who exhibited outstanding service and dedication to their community. 

Pelican Perseverance Award (1): Pelican knows that bad things happen to good people, and we're here to help. This special award will be granted to a student who exhibited strength and commitment to overcome adversity and challenges in their life.

That's a total of $17,000 in scholarship awards in 2021!

*Scholarship applicant must be a primary Pelican State CU member with their account in good standing and graduating from high school in spring 2021 with plans to attend an accredited university, community college, or trade school. All qualifying external applicants are eligible to win the Heart for Service and/or Pelican Perseverance Award, even if they are awarded a parish or out-of-state award. The maximum number of awards one applicant can win is 3. Immediate family members of Pelican employees only eligible to win Pelican’s one internal scholarship award of $1,000. Immediate family members are defined as children, grandchildren, and siblings. Scholarships will be awarded by a single monetary transaction to Team Pelican or other Pelican share account. Scholarship winner(s) will be asked to have their picture and/or video taken with a Pelican representative for publicity purposes.