If you have been negatively impacted by illness or your employment and/or your wages have been disrupted, please complete the form below so that we can contact you about loan payment relief.  

The completion of this form does not guarantee payment relief, and not all loans will be approved for a payment deferral. We’ll be in touch within 1-2 business days to work together to find a solution.


*Not all loan types are eligible. Each payment deferred will extend the loan term, and loans will continue to accrue interest. If the payment you are requesting to skip is deducted from your direct deposit/payroll automatically, the funds will be transferred to a checking account (savings, if checking not available) instead of going toward the loan. Skipping a payment may reduce the amount received on GAP claims on a vehicle. A Pelican Member Solutions Representative will contact you to discuss if your loan qualifies and answer any questions you may have about payment relief within 1-2 business days.