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Simplify payroll by switching to online payroll services — your employees will love their timely paychecks and you’ll love minimizing costs.

Spend less on your employee payroll, without staff reductions, salary reductions, not even a small slip in morale. Pelican State Credit Union's Online Payroll Services help you cut costs and errors without cutting back. Schedule and send paychecks in advance, so you never miss payment. Reimburse expenses inexpensively. And keep all employees in the same easy-to-use system — whether salaried, hourly, or on contract.

  • Schedule recurring and one-time paychecks in advance
  • Reimburse employee expense reports
  • Set up direct deposits into employee accounts
  • Save time on payroll paperwork
  • Save money on paper costs
  • Reduce payroll errors
  • Salaried, hourly, and contract employees all included