We're awarding $100 to 10 elementary and middle school students!*
At Pelican, our Core Values represent the culture, attitude, and behavior that contribute to the success of the credit union and set us apart. Our Core Values shine through our team members in everything they do!
We want to showcase our youth members who are already exemplifying our Core Values at young ages. Do you know a child who exemplifies one or more of our Core Values? Nominate them for a Team Pelican Youth Award!

The 2024 Youth Awards are open

from now through April 30!

Our Core Values:

Serving each other and our members is our cultural norm, and it is embraced as an important part of every role at Pelican. We want to serve others in ways that they become wiser, freer, more autonomous, and financially fit. Our culture is grounded in faith, and we strive to live the golden rule of ‘love thy neighbor.’ Through compassionate service, volunteerism, and support of underserved populations, we demonstrate our dedication to the community. We expect all members of the Pelican family to create, promote, and nurture a safe and inclusive environment. We believe that by taking care of each other intentionally, we can better serve our members, coworkers, and neighbors.
The Pelican Team consists of humble, honest, compassionate, optimistic, and approachable individuals who believe that a positive attitude is a mindset. We lift each other up and lead with our hearts. We share a mission, and together we face adversity, overcome negativity, and keep moving forward as a positive team. We communicate, connect, commit, and encourage each other, forming relationships that make the credit union stronger.
As individuals and as a company, we believe if we’re not growing our intelligence, talents, and abilities, then we are moving backwards. We have created an environment that promotes perpetual learning and innovation, and one that is intolerant of complacency. 
We are a company of owners. Pelican team members are invested in the success of the credit union, are self-driven to overcome challenges and obstacles, and hold themselves accountable for their performance. We take ownership of our tasks, projects, professional development, and performance. We are accountable to each other, creating high-performing and successful teams. 
The Pelican Team works hard to exceed expectations and achieve award-winning, above-average results. We value diverse talents and welcome individuals with unique backgrounds, working styles, and skillsets. As individuals, we focus on quality, value, and excellence in everything we do so that we can provide our members with the very best experience. Recognition and appreciation are prevalent, and we celebrate the successes with genuine pride and support for each other.

*Nominee must be a primary Pelican State CU member with their account in good standing and an elementary (grades K-5) or middle school student (grades 6-8). If you are not a Pelican member, you must be eligible to open a primary savings account with Pelican to become one. The deposit to open a primary savings account starts at a minimum of $10 ($5 to join + $5 minimum balance). Nominee must be a resident of Louisiana to be eligible to win. All nominations will be anonymously evaluated by an internal committee. Immediate family members of Pelican employees and board of directors are not eligible to win. The maximum number of awards a nominee can win is one. Youth awards will be awarded by a single monetary transaction to Team Pelican or other Pelican share account.