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Get our lowest loan rates available by using your Pelican State CU savings account as collateral, so you can take care of the unexpected.

At Pelican State Credit Union, we know even responsible savers can come up short. A Share Pledge Loan lets you leverage your own savings account, so you can account for unplanned payments — while still staying self-sufficient. You can plan to save. But you can't know what tomorrow holds. Secure a Share Pledge Loan and put today's worries to rest.

  • Our lowest loan rates
  • No application fee
  • Fast and easy to get approved
  • Use your own Pelican State CU deposits as collateral
  • Get access to funds without depleting savings
  • Keep earning dividends on your accounts
  • Helps to establish or repair credit

Check out our current rates to learn more!

*There is no guarantee that your credit score will improve with secured lines of credit. Applicant will be charged $5.00 for any loan application that is denied, withdrawn, or expired.