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Reward yourself for maintaining stellar credit with a card that boosts your purchasing power and earn points for every purchase!

Earn real rewards with a Pelican Points Visa® credit card — our most powerful credit card — and conquer larger-scale purchases with just one swipe. Pelican Points Visa is reserved for members who demonstrate a standard of excellence when it comes to credit history — affording our highest credit limit of $35,000. Pelican Points Visa cardholders can also capitalize on a low variable APR and enrollment in our luxury Pelican Points program.

Transfer your balances from other financial institutions to your Pelican Visa Credit Card!

  • Suitable for members with an excellent credit history
  • Credit limit up to $35,000
  • Low variable APR
  • Free Pelican Points program with online point management
  • Earn 1 point for every dollar spent

Plus, all Pelican State Credit Union Visa credit cardholders enjoy:

See our Visa Disclosure for additional information.